She is Saved by Grace

Well sometimes it’s kinda about choosing to stagnate because you’ve gone through enough to know that everything will eventually end up like that - stagnant. Nothing ever remains as[...]

Carly Rae Poignant

The most fascinating thing about sadness is how much it consumes the whole of you part by part. First, you find yourself in a crowd of people who you love and love you back, and y[...]

Dear friend,

I have wanted to write something significant on my blog the past few days, but have failed to think of a subject or topic I am interested in writing about – until tonight. The las[...]

Random Ramblings

In other news, you can never ask for assurance from anybody to not break your heart. Ever. Hello. My name is Joyce Pring and I am almost always too sarcastic, too happy, or too sa[...]

The Beach

We carry these things inside us That no one else can see They hold us down like anchors They drown us out at sea Across and back The words we lack Spoken too late too soon A[...]


Sleep is for the weak And weak, I am for you. These scars may run too deep But all in love is made anew They say no calm sea Ever made a good sailor So beyond all failure Yo[...]

Talking for ACLE

I like to talk. A lot. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m good at it (but I hope with all of the hope I have in my body that I am, or at least soon will be,) so I guess i[...]

Sinulog Festival 2013

Hello there stranger. If you are someone who has gone to the crazy fun Sinulog Festival in Cebu, you will understand why this post will be concise and just full of photos. I, alon[...]


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